Measuring, counting, alignment and calibrating instruments

acid hydrometers, acidimeters for batteries, actinometers, aerometers, alcoholmeters, alidades, altimeters, anemometers, apertometers [optics], azimuth instruments, balancing apparatus, barometers, calibrating rings, counters/meters, densimeters, densitometers, dynamometers, egg-candlers, ergometers, exposure meters [light meters], frequency meters, gasoline gauges/petrol gauges, gasometers [measuring instruments], gauges, hemline markers, hydrometers, hygrometers, lactodensimeters, lactometers, levelling staffs [surveying instruments]/rods [surveying instruments], levelling instruments, levels [instruments for determining the horizontal], logs [measuring instruments], marine depth finders, marking gauges [joinery], measures, measuring apparatus, measuring instruments, measuring devices, electric, measuring glassware/graduated glassware, measuring spoons, mercury levels, metronomes, money counting and sorting machines, octants, photometers, plane tables [surveying instruments], planimeters, plumb lines, plumb bobs, polarimeters, precision measuring apparatus, pressure measuring apparatus, pressure gauges/manometers, pressure indicators, protractors [measuring instruments], quantity indicators, refractometers, revolution counters, saccharometers, salinometers, scales, screw-tapping gauges, slope indicators/clinometers/gradient indicators/inclinometers, spectroscopes, spirit levels, sulphitometers, surveying instruments, surveying apparatus and instruments, surveying chains, surveyors' levels, taximeters, theodolites, vacuum gauges, variometers, viscosimeters, water level indicators, wavemeters, weights.