amplifying tubes/amplifying valves, anodes, anticathodes, armatures [electricity], cathodes, choking coils [impedance], circuit closers, coils, electric, collectors, electric, condensers [capacitors]/capacitors, conductors, electric, connections for electric lines, connectors [electricity], contacts, electric, couplings, electric/connections, electric, covers for electric outlets, discharge tubes, electric, other than for lighting/electric discharge tubes, other than for lighting, distribution boards [electricity], distribution boxes [electricity], distribution consoles [electricity], ducts [electricity], electricity conduits, fuses, glass covered with an electrical conductor, holders for electric coils, inductors [electricity], junction boxes [electricity], light dimmers [regulators], electric/light regulators [dimmers], electric, light-emitting diodes [LED], lighting ballasts, push buttons for bells, resistances, electric, rheostats, semi-conductors, sockets, plugs and other contacts [electric connections]/plugs, sockets and other contacts [electric connections], solenoid valves [electromagnetic switches], switchboards, switches, electric, telerupters, terminals [electricity], thermionic valves/thermionic tubes, transistors [electronic], triodes, vacuum tubes [radio], X-ray tubes not for medical purposes.

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